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Finding the Best Body Shaper Panty for Your Body

The right body shaper panty for your body can help you look vastly different. If you're concerned about sagging hips or other fat-related issues, shapewear can offer a convenient and affordable way to tuck it all in without having to undergo expensive surgeries. It can also help you maintain confidence while you undergo an exercise program to remove the excess body fat. 

The Historical Problems with Shapewear

In the past, it was tough to find shapewear that wouldn't crush you. It was often manufactured to too-tight standards that would also push fat in directions it shouldn't have gone. In fact, many women have reported that they stopped using shapewear because of its poor manufacturing practices that would result in pain and discomfort throughout the evening. 

Fortunately, today's shapewear offers a much more comfortable fit than the types of shaping garments used in the past. There exists a variety of types and size profiles as well designed to fit multiple body types. If you've never worn shapewear before, now is your chance to see if it might be the right choice for you and your body.

The Benefits of Shaping Panties

Shaping panties offer a variety of unique benefits that can dramatically boost your self-confidence and ability to enjoy your evening. These panties are ideal for women who have enviable bust volume and broad shoulders with narrow hips, as they can transfer attention from just your chest to the entirety of your body. Here are a few more benefits you should know about: 

  • Shaping panties can flatten your stomach and hips while also giving your rear a nice boost — perfect for accentuating additional aspects of your body that may be overlooked in favor of other attributes
  • They can also add more volume to your rear which in turn can define your waistline more effectively than traditional garments
  • Shaping panties can smooth your waist and butt and offer moderate to firm control over your shape in these areas
  • Lastly, these panties can offer a more toned look in your torso region

Make Sure to Choose the Right Fit

One of the most important factors when it comes to choosing the right shaping panties for your body focuses on the fit. With the right fit, you can enjoy yourself while still achieving impressive shaping results. 

While many women do in fact purchase shaping panties online, this may not always be the most optimal choice for you. The reason is that you'll want to see how these panties fit with other clothing you own. You should consider taking the specific outfit or outfits you plan to wear with your shapewear with you to try it all on at the same time. 

To better choose the right shapewear for your unique body, you'll also want to conduct a short and simple hip/wait measurement to help you optimize for the right-sized garment.

While shapewear can seriously smooth out lumps on your body and improve your silhouette — especially in that black cocktail dress you've always wanted to wear out on date night — you need to ensure that you choose the right size.

You should also have reasonable expectations for the result of your shapewear. Let's look at what you can expect when you wear shaping panties. 

Keep Your Expectations Realistic

Many women believe that shaping panties and other shapewear products can help them to wear smaller-sized clothing. The reality is that shapewear size — even if you go down a number — won't help you to fit in a smaller outfit. In fact, you may notice additional bulging and it might even make you look bigger. Poorly-fitting shapewear can also force you to endure additional discomfort — not ideal for date night! 

Determining When to Wear Shaper Panties

You might think that shapewear offers a suitable approach for only more formal venues or nights out with your date. On the contrary, shapewear may be worn whenever you like. Shaping panties can offer great benefits regardless of your activity, as they can boost your confidence and self-esteem while you're out buying groceries or going out for a night on the town with your girlfriends. 

Special Considerations for Pregnant Women

Women who are pregnant will want to discuss their shapewear plans with their doctors. Maternity shapewear can also help you to feel better as it is designed for women who are pregnant and plan to wear it every day or every other day. It can also help women who have varicose veins and provide support for the cervix by lifting the uterus.

In fact, maternity shaping panties can help to reduce pain by keeping the uterus off the cervix if the pelvis has become misaligned.

Avoiding Pain with Shapewear Panties

Doctors and other medical specialists have confirmed that shapewear that's too tight can cause women to endure some of the common issues associated with other fitting garments like corsets. A poor fit can lead to some of the following problems: 

  • The wrong fit can cause your organs or nerves to become compressed and lead to chronic pain down the road if left unchecked.
  • Some women may begin to complain about tingling or numbness in the affected region — this is the result of permanent nerve damage that may not be undone. 
  • Some types of shapewear may cause women to go to the bathroom less often because of its difficulty in removal. By not peeing when the need arises, women can increase their risk of a urinary tract infection (UTI)
  • Women who are prone to issues such as yeast infections, gastrointestinal tract issues like acid reflux, and bladder infections should reconsider wearing shapewear every day and instead keep it in reserve for special occasions where it is needed most
  • Certain materials on shapewear may cause allergic reactions. Make sure that the material of the product you choose doesn't cause you to experience an allergic reaction.

In summary, the key to avoiding issues with shapewear like shaping panties is to avoid choosing the wrong fit and to make sure that you opt for products from manufacturers you trust. You should also consider trying on your chosen shaping panties with the outfit you intend to wear for the occasion. 

Body Shaper Panty Reviews

When choosing the right body shaper panties for your body type, it can be tough to choose from all the competing vendors and manufacturers on the market. To help you make the right decision, this guide includes body shaper panty reviews for 5 different products available on the market today. Read on to learn more about each of these products to see if they might be a good fit for you!

Underscore Innovative Edge® High-Waist Extra Firm Control Briefs

With side smoothing and back smoothing attributes and two available colors (black and nude), Underscore's high-waist shaping briefs can help you to flatten your tummy and define your waist with more definition. These briefs are made of 79% Nylon and 21% Spandex and should be hand-washed and line-dried for effective cleaning. There is no fiber content filling.

Miraclesuit Shapewear Extra Firm Tummy-Control Rear Lifting Boy Shorts

Miraclesuit offers a great product that not only provides for lifting and definition, but also extra firm control. Best of all, these briefs look great, so they tend to buck the rule that shapewear isn't very sightly. They're made of nylon, elastane, and spandex, and are machine washable.

SEXYWG Women's Body Shaper Butt Lifter Tummy Control Seamless Panty

Want something more extreme that will get the job done? These shaping panties are made of 100% nylon and will instantly add significant shape to your rear as well as lift the butt and control your tummy.

NINGMI Women Butt Lifter Padded Shapewear Enhancer Control Panties Body Shaper Underwear

Lift your butt with this breathable material. You'll enjoy the excellent abdominal control and shaping provided that's great for a variety of situations and outfits, including skits, shorts, pants, and dresses.

Pop Fashion Women's Shapewear Panties

With 3 unique colors to choose from (black, nude, and red), these shapewear panties not only provide excellent tummy control and rear lifting but also look incredible even if you wear them in more romantic situations. 

Additional Considerations for Choosing the Right Body Shaper Panty for Your Body

Now that you've seen the different types of products on the market, discovered how to choose the right size for your unique body type, and seen some of the different risks associated with shapewear in general, you're also going to want to take the following points into consideration when you purchase your own body shaper panty: 

  • Ensure that the shaping panties you've chosen do an adequate job of hiding fat without causing you significant discomfort. 
  • Make sure that the product can handle position changes, whether you're sitting down or standing. 
  • Opt for a breathable fabric that avoids the build-up of sweat and moisture. You'll want to stay cool and dry in this area!

Remember: When in doubt, it's better to go for the more comfortable fit than the sleeker product!

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