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The Best Oval Makeup Brushes and Where to Find Them

Any style-conscious woman looking for a better way to apply makeup should purchase an oval brush set. Celebrities and their makeup artists love these oval brushes for their ease of application and their ability to avoid picking up bacteria.

A full collection of these trendy brushes will help you get flawless coverage. Oval brushes won't become caked with the product after each use like standard makeup brushes, and they are usually animal-friendly and made with soft, synthetic bristles. They combine the best features of a makeup sponge and a traditional cosmetic brush.

How an Oval Makeup Brush is Different from a Standard Brush

An oval brush has more hairs than a regular makeup brush. It may have thousands of bristles, and larger brushes may have over a hundred thousand hairs. Multifunctional oval brushes can be used to apply blush, eyeshadow, highlighter, and contour.

Oval brushes apply creams and liquids evenly, but it may be difficult to rub powder blush or foundation into the skin with them. (Standard makeup brushes made with animal hair work well for applying powders.)

When you use an oval brush, you apply makeup from the side, not the front. Putting on makeup this way is similar to applying foundation or blusher with your fingers instead of a standard makeup brush. You can use an oval brush instead of a cosmetic sponge for a smoother, more even look. Sponges are tough to use when you apply makeup on your own, and oval cosmetic brushes make self-application easier.

Where to Buy

You can purchase an oval brush set from upscale cosmetic stores or their websites. Amazon and eBay sell high-quality oval brushes as well as bargain versions. Beauty supply stores offer professional oval makeup brushes for licensed cosmeticians, although some retail chains, like Sally Beauty Supply, are open to the public.

The stock available on websites changes every season. For example, you need to look for a top oval brush set Ulta in their retail stores. Their website doesn’t currently sell oval brushes or oval brush kits, but they do offer an oval blending sponge.

Sephora’s online store and retail locations offer the latest and the best in cosmetics and makeup brushes. However, a search for oval brush set Sephora shows oval makeup sponges, but no brushes. Check with your local store to see if they have any sets in stock.

Anastasia Beverly Hills has a store in Beverly Hills, California featuring upscale cosmetics and a waxing salon. They also sell cosmetics and makeup brushes on their website. A search for Anastasia Beverly Hills oval brush set returns a selection of excellent standard pro and everyday brushes, but no oval sets. Return to their website or occasionally to see if they add new products, including oval brushes.

Top Oval Cosmetic Brush Collections for Personal and Professional Use

Here is a look at where you can find a quality oval makeup brush set or an individual brush, and some of the best brushes available from all sellers. General online sites offer a wider selection, but cosmetic stores usually stock the highest quality, professional oval makeup brushes.

7.  Yoseng Makeup Brushes Set 10Pcs Professional Oval Toothbrush

oval brush set

This 10-piece set of professional oval toothbrush makeup brushes hold more foundation, blusher, and other cosmetics than a standard brush, making self-application easier. The brushes have small, compact bristles that won't leave your foundation behind or cause it to streak.

The black and gold set includes:

  • Big Foundation Brush
  • Small Foundation Brush
  • Blush Brush
  • Contour Highlight Brush
  • Eyeliner Brush
  • Lip Color Brush
  • Eyeshadow Brush
  • Concealer Brush
  • Nose Shadow Brush
  • Brow Perfection Brush

This popular set has attractive magnetic plastic handles, and the brush head fibers are hypoallergenic and chemical/cruelty-free.

Clean the bristles with warm water and gentle shampoo. Allow brushes to air dry.


  • High-quality synthetic hair bristles
  • Compatible with liquid foundation, blush, powder, and creams
  • Makes blending foundation easier
  • Densely packed brush head for more coverage


  • Handles may break after regular use
  • May cause makeup to streak
  • Bristles may shed

6. 10Pcs-Professional-Makeup-Brushes-Set-Oval-Cream-Puff-Toothbrush-Brush

oval brush set

eBay offers many deals on high-quality, professional makeup brushes, including this 10-piece oval brush set. Like many eBay sellers, this listing has already sold thousands of the item and received a 99% positive rating from buyers.

The brush heads are made from synthetic fiber, with black handles. The multifunction brushes include ones to apply powder, blush, eyeshadow, concealer and lip gloss.  The product is manufactured in China, but ships from the U.S.

Many eBay sellers offer similar items, so look around for the best brushes for your needs.


  • Full ten-piece set
  • Cleansing sponge included
  • Curved handles
  • Synthetic fiber bristles


  • No carrying case or box
  • Plastic handles
  • No instruction booklet

5. BeautyKate 10 Pcs Pro Oval Toothbrush Makeup Brush Set Foundation

oval brush set

These beautiful rose gold brushes have sturdy handles for quicker, easier makeup application. They are similar to the more expensive Artis brand in function and looks. The super-soft bristles are made with synthetic material but hold powder just as well as animal hair brushes. They blend makeup well without a sponge or beauty blender.

The arc-shaped handle can be bent 90 degrees for more flexibility. The shape of the brushes helps you to apply makeup more evenly on your eyelids, lashes, and lips. It catches powder easily, so you won’t waste any makeup. These brushes work with any kind of makeup- powders, creams, liquids, and mineral makeup.  


  • Extra wide handle
  • Holds liquids, powders or cream
  • Gives skin an airbrushed finish
  • Blends better than standard brushes
  • Has four to 10x the fibers of regular brushes


  • Some brush heads may detach from base
  • Gold coloring may peel
  • Awkward to hold

4.  Oval Makeup Brush Set, 10 Pcs Professional Oval Toothbrush Makeup Brushes Concealer Eyeliner Blending Cosmetic Brushes

oval brush set

The brushes have curved necks, which mimic your finger shape. The shape also fits the natural curve of your face. The shape makes holding and using the brushes more natural. The high-quality, synthetic hair brushes hold creams, liquids, and even powders without absorbing too much of the product.

Excellent for beginners and pro makeup artists, this oval makeup brush kit contains then brushes with a round design to cover more area with less work. The set includes a sweeping brush and a glow brush for shimmer on eyelids or anywhere on your face.

For best results, wash brushes once a week with a mild cleanser.


  • Soft bristles
  • Flexible handle
  • Full refund available if you’re not satisfied
  • Evenly distributes foundation
  • Full ten-piece set


  • Doesn’t come with a box or bag
  • Handles break easily
  • Hard to control

3.  Artis® Elite 10-piece Brush Set

oval brush set

High-profile makeup brush experts Artis invented the oval makeup brush, and their Elite 10-piece set is the cream of the crop for makeup artists or cosmetic aficionados who need the latest and the best makeup tools.  

This 10-piece set has brushes for normal makeup application, but they can also be used for special effects, setting shimmering effects on the shoulder and chest, and highlighting. The brushes are made with exclusive Artis CosmoFibre, which has been engineered for makeup application use.  

Artis products are sold online at and Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord, and Taylor, Nordstrom's and other high-end retailers.


  • Originators of oval makeup brushes
  • Exclusive CosmoFibre bristles
  • Highest professional quality  
  • Gives you a flawless finish
  • Made for self-application


  • Hard to find unless you go to upscale stores
  • The most expensive oval brushes on the market
  • Brushes are manufactured in China

2.   La Sante Artist Collection Luxurious 10-piece Oval Makeup Brush Set

oval brush set

If you don’t have money for the top of the line makeup brushes, but want luxurious brushes at a reasonable price, is an alternative to eBay. This site often features discontinued or overstocked brushes at reduced prices. You don’t have to settle for discount brushes – or wait until you have the money for the latest luxury brand of oval brushes.

The La Sante Artist Collection 10-piece set comes in pink, rose gold, silver, rainbow or black. The flat-faced design makes these brushes easier to use and clean. The flexible tilted handles let you get into hard to reach spaces, and the synthetic fiber bristles grab more of the product for an even, airbrushed look.  


  • High-quality professional brush collection
  • Available in several colors
  • Backed with metal, not plastic
  • Soft, smooth bristles


  • The handles are slightly flimsy
  • No returns
  • Smaller brushes may be rougher

1. KeizerPro 10 Piece Set of NEW Pro Oval Makeup Brushes + Free Silicone Cleaner and MakeUp Book

oval brush set

The KeizerPro 10-piece oval brush set features makeup brushes that combine the blending ability of a sponge with the distribution ability of a brush.

The bristles won’t fall out if you use these brushes carefully. Use them to apply primer, foundation, blusher, concealer, powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow, contour, highlights and bronzer. Set makeup with

The brushes come in a glossy black box, with brushes placed in descending order and a magnetic lock. This KeizerPro collection comes with free ebook via email which you can open after you receive your kit.

The KeizerPro is an excellent alternative if you want a professional look, but don’t have the skills or resources to buy a kit from an upscale store.


  • Round, soft, toothbrush shape design
  • Comes with a silicone brush for cleaning makeup brushes
  • Ergonomic handles
  • One-year warranty
  • Comes with instruction book and storage case


  • Flimsy handles
  • Makeup may streak when applied
  • Get same results as standard brushes
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