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How to Choose the Best Wedding Hair Accessory for You

Your wedding day is the perfect excuse to look gorgeous from head to toe. You'll probably spend just as much time picking out the perfect wedding hair accessories as you do selecting your shoes. Find out what to look for and how to choose the best bridal headpieces that complement your dress, your style, and your wedding.

Things to Consider When Selecting Wedding Hair Accessories

You'll need to think about the type of hairstyle that you'll have on the big day. The more intricate your style, the more ornate your accessories can be. 

You can use larger, heavier pieces on voluminous up-dos and more delicate accessories on simpler styles. The type of veil that you wear might also dictate your hair accessories.

What's Your Wedding Style?

Your fashion sense will also set the standard for what you wear in your hair. If you have boho sensibilities, you might want to stick with pieces that have organic designs, flowers, or stones. If you're having a luxurious princess-themed wedding, you might prefer a sparkling tiara.

Keep your style consistent for continuity. If your dress is regal and elaborate, you might want to look like royalty from head to toe.

However, this isn't always the case. Maybe you picked out a bridal gown that is fancier than what you thought you would choose. You can keep everything else, including your hair, toned down by using natural materials and a simple style.

If you prefer an eclectic style, make sure that you vary your look from head to toe. If everything but the hair accessory matches perfectly, the headpiece might seem out of place.

Ultimately, it depends on how you feel when you're wearing it. If you don't feel comfortable, you might not be able to pull off the look. You should feel like yourself, not like a child playing dress-up. The most important rule for choosing your hair accessory is that it should make you happy.

What Color Should Your Accessories Be?

Most hair pieces for weddings come in different types of metals. You can generally choose from gold, silver, and rose gold bridal hair accessories. They may be adorned with pearls, crystals, beads, or diamonds.

Many brides pair warmer tones with ivory dresses and cooler tones with stark white dresses. If you follow those guidelines, you might wear gold, rose gold, and pearls with an off-white gown and silver with white outfits.

However, this rule can be broken. You may, however, want to match the metals on the hair accessory with your jewelry. You can also stay consistent with the beading and jewels. If your dress is embellished with pearls, bring out those accents with pearl hair jewelry, for example.

What about adding a pop of color? Flowers and other accessories don't have to be white, gold, or silver. If your style is bold, consider using a unique color in your hair accessory. If you are implementing a dash of color with your hair accessories, stick with something that complements your wedding tones.

Choose a color from one of the flowers in your bouquet, or pick a hue that matches the napkins. Just don't mix too many tones on your body. If you use color in your hair, stay neutral with your jewelry. Something that's ever so slightly blue sticks with tradition and won't be overpowering.

What Types of Bridal Hair Accessories Are Available?

Understanding the different options for hair accessories may help you decide how to wear your hair at your wedding.

Hair Combs

bridal hair comb, best wedding hair accessories

Hair combs are made with teeth on one end and a decorative embellishment on the other. When you sink the teeth into your strands, only the adornment shows. You can use hair combs to secure your hairstyle in place. However, you should also consider pinning your hair in place with structural accessories, like pins, before adding the hair combs.

Combs can be worn in up-dos and long, loose waves. You can tuck them into a bun or braid. You can also use them to pull back layers of hair to create casual structure. 

These accessories usually work best on the back or side of the head. Create a dramatic, side-swept look by creating a deep side part and draping some hair across your forehead. Secure it on the other side with a pretty comb.

Hair Clips

bridal hair clips, best wedding hair accessories

Clips are similar to combs. They typically have an adornment on the top and a clasp of some kind on the bottom.

Clips tend to be less bulky than combs. If you want a lot of decoration in your hair, several clips will fit better than many combs. They also might stay in place better than combs on finer hair.

A hair clip can be as simple as an embellished barrette. They can be used to hold your bangs out of the way or just to add drama to any part of your hairdo.

Tiaras and Headbands

bridal tiara, wedding tiara, best wedding hair accessories

These classic wedding accessories can be worn with any hairdo. Tiaras typically add height at the crown and can draw attention to a beautiful updo. They tend to be more fashionable than they are functional. That is, you won't be able to hold heavy strands of hair back using a tiara.

However, you can place a tiara in front of a veil to add definition and sparkle. This is the perfect way to wear it if your veil won't be pulled down over your face. 

Headbands are typically molded to the shape of your head. They can be ornate or simple. Headbands can even be used to hold hair off your face.

Some elaborate tiaras have even evolved into crowns. These perch atop your head and are usually a fully enclosed circle, whereas a tiara tends to be open at one end.

Hair Flowers

bridal hair flowers, best wedding hair accessories

When it comes to simple bridal hair accessories, flowers might be the way to go. They're fresh and classic. They can also evoke a vintage or modern look, depending on the type of flower and how you wear them.

Baby's breath is traditional and delicate. Orchids are exotic and contemporary. The sky is really the limit for floral trimmings. 

That said, flowers might stay in the hair more securely if you have a structured style. Tuck them around an up-do, or add them to the pins that hold your locks half up. For a casual, romantic look, you can always pin one flower behind your ear whether you wear your hair up or down.

You might be wondering if you should use real wedding hair flowers. This depends on a number of factors. The wrong bloom may wilt before you have a chance to walk down the aisle.

Talk to your florist about the most resilient choices for wedding accessories. You'll also want to make sure that you're not allergic to the blossom. 

Make sure that your hair stylist is on board with using fresh flowers. You shouldn't use any hairspray or perfume near real blooms. Your stylist will need to finalize your 'do before putting flowers in place. You'll need to keep the flowers in water or the fridge for as long as possible before adding them to your tresses anyway.

Still, no one wants a dead flower in her hair during one of the most special times in her life. A wilted flower won't photograph well, either.

You won't have to worry about wilting petals if you use a fake flower. If you go this route, don't go with the cheapest option. Invest in a well-made accessory that uses finer materials, like silk. This will enhance the elegance of your gown and your wedding day.

Hair Jewelry for Braids

wedding braids, best wedding hair accessories

Braids are a classic style that has become extremely popular in the past few years. They can be made to look romantic and unstructured or tidy and elegant. You can pull all of your hair into one big braid, or create an artistic look with several tiny braids.

Plaited hair can be pulled into an up-do, secured at the bottom or allowed to flow freely at the ends. Almost any hair accessory can be worn with a braid. Add height by wearing a tiara on your crown. Decorate the side of your head with a piece of hair jewelry placed by the ear. 

You can also weave ribbons, flowers, or strands of beads into the braid. This works whether you're wearing your hair up or down.

Flowers are ideal for wrapping around your head if you create a halo-style braid. Another way to embellish this type of hairstyle is by tucking a tiara behind the piece of braid that goes across the front of your head. It will subtly catch the light, but your braid will be the real star. 

Jewels or hair clips can be added where strands of braids cross. This is also a great way to hide any hair clips that you use to pin your style in place.

Hair accessories for braids can also be dotted around your head. Use random placement for subtle style that falls somewhere between goddess and queen.

Hair Vines

wedding hair vine, best wedding hair accessories

A bridal hair vine is a unique way to accessorize. It can be as natural or as fancy as you want, depending on the materials and size.

Hair vines are reminiscent of floral crowns. However, they're usually made of delicate, flexible strands that are bedecked with beads, diamonds, or jewels. 

They come in long and short lengths for any hair style. A long hair vine can be wrapped in and out of a long braid. When it's woven with the braid, it will peek out and catch the light without attracting too much attention.

A vine can also be wrapped once around the head to mimic a halo or crown. Shorter vines can be worn around grandiose up-dos. Longer vines can trail down long, flowing tresses.

Hair Pins

hair pins wedding, best wedding hair accessories

Hair pins are some of the subtlest types of wedding hair accessories. They usually consist of straight pieces that sink into your hairstyle and an ornament at the end.

If your hair is very thick, a small hair pin might get lost in the texture. However, it might be just enough to create a little pizzazz without being overpowering.

Hair pins are perfect if you don't want to do too much with your hair, but aren't sure that you want to keep it naked. Placing just one pin in your up-do can add a tiny bit of interest.

This type of hair jewelry also makes a great gift for the bridesmaids. Choose pins that mimic the style of the bride's hairpiece to keep everyone's look along the same lines. 


hair ribbon wedding, best wedding hair accessories

Ribbons can be festooned with details like beads, or completely smooth and simple. They tend to be more casual than hair accessories that are made of metal. 

They're also extremely versatile. A simple bow wrapped around your head or ponytail elastic is youthful and fresh. When woven into a braid, ribbons become more intricate.

Pairing Hair Accessories with Wedding Themes

The theme of your wedding may help you decide what to wear in your hair. Some styles are more appropriate for certain themes.

Beach Wedding

beach wedding

Beach weddings tend to be on the more casual side. Therefore, you may be wearing your hair in a breezier style. If you're wearing your hair down, you could sweep it behind one ear using a clip with a tropical flower on it. Flowers can also be used for an up-do.

If your wedding will be outside in the sun, you might want to wear a faux flower. A real one can fade fast in the heat, wind, and salty air.

Crystals and clear jewels will catch the light in a way that mimics the ocean. Pearls are also ideal embellishments for a beach wedding because they come from the sea. You can even tie in your "something blue" by choosing an aqua or deep blue hair accessory.

If you'd like to remain traditional, select silver or gold pieces in a shape that reminds you of the sea. A starfish hairclip would be perfect for accentuating your coastal theme. The shape is pleasing and indicative of a flower. It's a great way to give a nod to nature without being too obvious about it.

Garden Wedding

garden wedding

While you might instantly think of florals for a garden wedding, you have more options than that for a hair piece for the bride. However, since we're on the subject, let's discuss different ways to wear flowers for an outdoor ceremony or reception.

Rose hair braiding can be done with or without incorporating the blossoms into your hairdo. You can braid the flowers into a crown or headband shape and seat them on your head. You can also weave the flowers directly into your hair.

If you're doing this, you might get the best results using faux flowers. You can also purchase hair vines with a floral pattern to elicit the feel of the garden without wearing real blooms.

Another way to incorporate a traditional style into a garden wedding is to look for gold, rose gold, or silver accessories with floral shapes and designs. Some hair combs or headpieces are made to look just like baby's breath. However, they're made from beads, pearls, or jewels that sparkle when they catch the light.

Ribbons work well for garden weddings. They're feminine and pretty, and they're often tied around bouquets of fresh flowers. They're not too fussy, either, which is perfect for an outdoor wedding.

Vintage Wedding

vintage wedding, best wedding hair accessories


If you have a vintage style, you have plenty to choose from when you're looking for hair accessories. Many types of combs, vines, and crowns have a vintage feel to them. Look for toned-down shapes and finishes with crystals and beadings for a vintage style.

One of the most standout vintage headpieces is the wide headband. Usually made from a piece of fabric that's decorated with embroidery or other details, this type of headband can be worn over the forehead or the top of the head. 

A silver headpiece chain is another one of those vintage wedding headpieces that adds subtle flair. You can wear the chain around a long hairdo like a halo. You can also drape a chain from one piece of ornamentation to the next to build a more dramatic look.

Lace, rhinestones, and pearls are often used to give off a vintage vibe. Anything that drapes over your forehead gives you a flapper-girl feel.

Hair combs are often used with birdcage veils to exude vintage style. These mesh veils are small and usually cover the front of your head and your eyes. They need something to secure them to your head and add an element of glamour. 

You could also use a fascinator to keep your birdcage veil on your head. A fascinator is usually a little heftier than a piece of jewelry, but lighter than a hat. 

Fascinators are usually bedecked with flowers, beads, or feathers. They're a great alternative to hats because they're not too heavy and won't spoil your hairdo.

What you do with your hair is up to you. If you wear a comb or fascinator with a birdcage veil, you can draw your hair into a low chignon or leave it loose. This style is especially appropriate for women with short bob hairdos.

However, many women who wear this type of hair accessory pull their hair off their shoulders. You can even sweep your bands to the side for added drama.

Formal Wedding

formal wedding, best wedding hair accessories

Almost any hair accessory can be used for a formal wedding. This can be your chance to get dramatic with your look. 

For a formal wedding, you can add extra sparkle to look dazzling. You can just as easily wear a subtle accessory, though. 

Pearls and diamonds are classic. Scrolling designs also lend a romantic style to your bridal look.

For a formal wedding, you might want to take extra care to select your hair accessory based on your hairdo. If you're creating an extremely intricate style with your tresses, you might want to lay low on the accessorizing. A few perfectly placed pearls can do the the trick. 

This is also a case where the veil may designate your hair accessory. If you're wearing your hair up, you might choose a bun wrap and hang the veil from the underside of it. If your veil will cover your face, you don't want a hair accessory that adds height, because it will create a strange silhouette at the top of the veil. 

Try It On

The best way to choose a wedding hair accessory is to try it on. First, hold it next to your wedding dress. Does it seem congruent, or does it seem out of place? It's okay if it doesn't match your dress exactly. When you're wearing it on your head, you create distance between the accessory and the gown. 

However, too much contrast can look confusing on the big day. Try picking out two other hair accessories and lay those next to the dress. Choose the one that seems like it fits best. 

Don't make any final decisions until you try it all on, though. A hairpiece that looks great next to the dress might not work with your hair's style, length, or texture. 

Go through a trial run. Have your hairdresser construct your style, and make sure that it works with your accessory. Try it on with the wedding dress to ensure that you like the look.

One way to be confident that everything works well together is by having someone photograph you from different angles. If you love the way you look in every photo, the hairpiece is a keeper.


If you really can't decide what to wear in your hair, consider changing styles throughout the night. You can keep your hair up and wear a veil during the ceremony. Then, you could literally let your hair down at the reception, securing it with a different accessory.

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