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5 Eyelash Enhancers to Make Your Eyelashes Pop

eyelash enhancer

Fashion fluctuates.

Yesterday it was big, full lips. Tomorrow, it'll be something else. The world of beauty changes tune quickly – it can be hard to keep up.

While it may have been Botox and big lips not too long ago, the trend has shifted. Now, everyone wants fuller eyelashes.

Let's take a look at the top five eyelash enhancers if they work, and what to remember when you're doing your research.

Eyelash Enhancers are Taking Over

Eyelash enhancers are the new thing. In fact, they're so in vogue right now that the New York Times wrote an article about it. Kayleen Schaefer explains that there is an ever-growing market of over-the-counter remedies and serums.

All of these products have the same end goal in mind – to produce beautiful, long, luscious eyelashes, without having to use false ones. Kayleen discusses the science behind these kinds of beauty products.

She says that they can work in two ways. Firstly, they contain a chemical that elongates the hair growth cycle. This means that they don't fall out as fast and – hopefully – grow a bit longer in the process. Not only will they be growing for longer, but they'll be thicker, and there'll be more of them.

Secondly, eyelash enhancers aim to work on strengthening your lashes as well. Ingredients like a pro-vitamin or humectants serve to moisturize them. This tender loving care will inevitably make them look better.

For these eyelash enhancers to be effective, it is recommended that they are applied to the base of the eyelash at least twice a day. Doing this religiously should result in longer, thicker lashes after the three or four-week mark.

Top 5 Eyelash Enhancers

Now that you know how an eyelash enhancer works let's take a look at what's available on the market. If you're serious about your lash game you'll want the very best, so let's check out the best that money can buy:

  • BoostLash: Joell Lockhart of Eyelash Enhancer Reviews begins this list with an eyelash enhancer that is available for any budget. BoostLash has had one of the most significant success rates when it comes to eyelash enhancers and has received ratings of nine out of ten.

  • Revitalash: coming in at a close second to BoostLash is Revitalash. This eyelash enhancer product has a reasonable success rate and has received an eight out of ten in online reviews. It is more expensive than BoostLash, however.

  • LiLash: LiLash is one of the most well-known beauty products on the market. One benefit to LiLash is that it's available worldwide. It's not available in the United States except for through retailers.

  • LashFood: this particular company is well-known and has a high customer satisfaction rating. Lashfood has been rated online as a six out of ten. It comes in beautiful packaging. However, like Revitalash, it is expensive.

  • VegaLash: despite the fact that this product isn't 100 percent natural, it's still a great product and worth what you pay for it. Vegalash comes in a beautiful pink casing.

What to Look Out for with Eyelash Enhancers

When using any beauty product, it's good to test it out first and make sure that it's not reactive with your skin. Any product that contains chemicals runs the risk of having side effects, so knowing what to expect can help you choose the right product that's going to be useful but safe to use.

Best Health Magazine explains notes that while eyelash enhancers are efficient at producing thicker, fuller eyelashes, you do need to keep using the serum consistently to maintain the results.

Additionally, some common side effects come with the territory. Eye redness and irritation of the skin are potential issues you could experience when using an eyelash enhancer, although it's not common.

You may also experience dryness of your eyes and darkened skin around the eye itself. It's also good to remember not to use an eyelash enhancer too frequently. The recommended amount is twice a day, so try not to exceed this.

Using an Eyelash Enhancer

Trends come and go – and so do eyelashes. However, you can now make them hang around for a bit longer with an eyelash enhancer.

There's never been a more natural way to get that sultry look. Eyelash enhancers can work wonders with your eyes. If you're somebody who's also had short, stubby eyelashes, then you'll enjoy the results of using an eyelash enhancer.

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