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Quick and Easy No-Heat Curls Using Spiral Curlers

Spiral curlers create masses of textured ringlets. They can be used in any kind of hair, but are ideal for re-texturizing hair that is already curly.

If you're transitioning to a natural hairstyle or have heat-damaged tresses, these curlers may be perfect for you. They don't damage your hair with heat or friction. Therefore, they can tame frizz without contributing to the problem. 

spiral curlers

What Are Spiral Curlers?

There are a few different types of spiral curlers. Most people think of magic spiral hair curlers when they hear about his product. 

Unlike most curlers, which have a cylindrical shape, magic curlers are shaped like the spiral coils that you'll get when you use them. They're flexible and made from plastic mesh that allows for air to flow. This can help your hair dry as the coils set. 

Another type of curler that creates ringlets is a flexible rod. These are long, stick-shaped products made from soft foam. To use them, you coil strands of hair around them and bend the ends of the rod to hold your tresses in place. 

Both types of styling accessories require no heat. Therefore, they can be used on your own hair, weaves, and extensions. You can blast strands with a blow dryer to lock in the curl, but you don't have to.

Pros and Cons of Spiral vs. Flexible Foam Curlers

Mesh spiral stylers are extremely flexible. They tend to be more comfortable than foam rods to sleep in because they aren't hard or bulky.

The spiral type of curlers also help your hair dry quickly. If your hair is extremely thick and doesn't dry well when you use another type of curler, you might want to try these. You might not even need to leave them in your hair for more than an hour to produce a defined, lasting curl. 

Both products are easy to use. Neither requires heat. 

It's important to detangle your hair before using either product. However, because you have to pull strands through the tube of the spiral type of curler, it's especially important that you don't have any knots in your strands. Some people don't like the way their scalp feels as they pull the hair through this type of curler. 

When using foam rods, you can vary the size to create different types of curls. A narrow rod will produce tight coils, while a thicker one can give you volume without a defined spiral.

Spiral mesh curlers typically come in just one size. The package usually includes two different colors. One curler will produce clockwise curls, while the other will give you counter-clockwise spirals. Alternating them can help the curls look less uniform and more natural.

You can use foam rods on wet or dry hair. However, spiral mesh curlers work best on wet hair. If your hair takes a long time to dry, you can spritz it with water until it's about 10-percent wet before inserting it into magic curlers.

Using the magic curlers on wet hair will produce tighter curls that last longer. The dryer your hair is, the more natural the curls will look. However, they may not last as long.

Finally, foam rods allow you to twist the strands of hair before wrapping them. When you create magic spiral curls, your hair goes into the tube flat. This produces a "candy curl" instead of a twisted spiral. 

How to Use Spiral Curlers

If you're using the type of product that looks like a coiled spring, you may need some guidance. 

Start with damp hair. If your tresses are freshly shampooed, you might be able to rock your curly style for several days before washing it again.

Detangle your hair completely, and apply an anti-frizz lotion, setting cream, or other styling product. Work the product through your hair to avoid buildup.

Separate your hair into small sections. The smaller the segment, the easier it will be to pull through the spiral. The hair should slide in effortlessly as long as the section is smaller than the mouth of the curler.

Insert the long, plastic hook through the mesh curler. Twist the section of hair tightly at the root. Then, grab the twisted section using the hook. 

Simultaneously pull the hair through the curler as you push the curler off the hook. As you're pulling the hair through, make sure that you grip the rubber end of the curler and the hair at the root tightly. 

If you feel any resistance during this step, back up. Tugging at your hair could break it. Plus, it can hurt if your hair doesn't slide into the curler smoothly. 

Mousse can be extremely sticky. You might want to apply a slicker styling cream before using these types of curlers. 

The curler will spring back into a spiral shape, and your hair will remain inside it in a perfect coil. If the curler doesn't flip back into a perfect spring, straighten it out with your hair still inside it. When it coils up again, it should go back to the desired shape.

Allow your hair to air dry if you don't want to use heat to set your curls. You can sleep in the curlers, or let them stay on your hair for several hours.

To remove the mesh tubes, it's important to unroll each one until the tube is flat. Then, you can simply slide it off your hair. Your strands will bounce up into perfect coils. 

How to Make Spiral Curls with Foam Rods

When using foam rods, such as these ones, the first step is deciding what size to use. You don't have to use the same size all over your head. In fact, your hairstyle may look more natural if you use narrower rods around your face. Narrower rods will produce a tighter, more defined coil.

Start with wet, damp, or dry hair. Apply leave-in conditioner if your hair is very dry. Then, use a styling lotion or setting cream to help your curls last. 

Use a 1-inch strand for a tight coil. To make sure that you get a spiral helix shape, wrap the strand around the rod from tip to root. Don't overlap the hair along the rod. Make sure that it twirls around the curler in a spiral pattern. 

Bend the ends of the rod to keep your hair in place. Leave the curlers on until your hair is dry. You can use a blow dryer, but you might want to avoid this if your hair is damaged, dry, or frizzy. 

Remove the rods by extending the ends until they are flat. Pull them out of the coil, or unwind the strand. You will have to run your fingers through your hair to separate each curl.

Tips for Applying Spiral Curlers

If you have long hair, you might find it easier to put your curlers in if you section off your strands first. This will prevent errant locks from getting in the way. First, section off the hair on the lower half of the back of your head. 

Next, part your hair where you want it. Divide each half into two or three sections. When you're not working with a section, twist it into a bun and secure it with a clip. 

As you work with each section, brush through it to thoroughly detangle it before you put the curler in. You can use a fine-toothed comb to make sure that there are absolutely no knots.

For the most natural look, make sure that you get the curler as close to the root of your hair as possible. Working with small segments and detangling first can help you achieve this. If you want to concentrate the curls at the ends of your hair, don't roll the curlers up snugly to the roots. 

You can use these types of curlers to add body to a ponytail. First, gather your hair into an elastic. Then, use the curlers only on the lengths of hair that extend from the band. 

Tips for Avoiding Frizz

Whenever you curl your hair, you might want to take some steps to avoid it from turning into a frizzy mess. Using a slippery, anti-frizz product on your hair before curling it can help the final style stay sleek. If your hair starts to dry out as your inserting the curlers, spritz it with water to help the cuticle lie flat.

Where to Buy Spiral Curlers

spiral curlers

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