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Sigma Brushes: A Great Choice at a Better Cost

Sigma brushes are a go-to brand name for both people who work with makeup professionally and those of us who use it at home. They aren't the most high-end option. However, they're an ideal choice for budget-conscious makeup mavens who demand quality.

In order to help you understand more about why we love Sigma brushes, we'll tell you more about the company and all the options that are available for your cosmetics collection.

Who Is Sigma?

Sigma is a company that got its start in 2009.

Sigma got its start in 2006 when a doctor and a molecular bacteriologist -- both women -- teamed up to create the perfect makeup brushes. They started with just one set of brushes and the business took off from there. 

While women might not be the only ones using these products, 90 percent of those who work at Sigma are women. Together, they produce exceptional products that people can feel proud to buy and use. Sigma Brushes are definitely made by women and for women. 

The Design of the Sigma Brush


Brushes aren't the only products Sigma makes these days, but they're certainly among the more popular Their brushes are always made with hand-crafted, antimicrobial fibers. After all, many of us don't realize how quickly germs can collect in your makeup bag.

They are made with well-constructed wood handles. The copper and zinc crafted ferrules keep the bristles intact and are also antimicrobial. There is nothing about the Sigma collection of brushes that isn't beautifully designed and made to last.

Best Sigma Brush Options

The brush options from Sigma are endless. If you're in need of a new, quality collection of brushes they also sell them in kits. Their kits are filled with the same quality brushes you'll buy individually. And are extremely affordable for the quality they offer.

Options for Sigma Brushes

The E36 Blending Brush is a must-have for the highly artistic eye color designs trending today.

If you want to blend colors that pop, this brush allows you to get deep into the creases and corners of your eyes. This brush also has a sleek and stylish look.

The E56 Shader is a brush for your eyelids that will work with anything you want to decorate your eyes with. Also, its slender design works well with glitter and cream shadows.

Finally, this fiber brush has a fine tip so you can get p

Lip Brushes

If you want your lips to look gorgeous, you don't put your lipstick on with a stick. You use a lip brush.

That's why the L05 Lip brush is a great choice if you just need an everyday brush. If you like to get more detailed, contouring and shaping your lips, consider the L04 Detailed Lip brush. Lip pigments don't stand a chance with this brush.

Face Brushes

From concealer brushes to blush brushes. You'll be amazed at the collection of face brushes Sigma has to offer. You might even find yourself overwhelmed trying to make a choice of which one to purchase for your needs.

If you want a kit that will give you everything you need for highlighting and contouring. Then the Highlight & Contour Brush Set is an affordable option with seven brushes that will have you looking like a movie star.

Furthermore, this set includes the gorgeous F03 High Cheekbone Highlighter and the F57 Emphasize Contour brush, which are a couple of the best brushes you'll try.

Accordingly, the F41 Fan brush offers you some extra long bristles. That allows you to do so much more with it than even the F42 Strobing Fan brush.

Comparing Sigma Brushes to Other Brands

Sigma Brushes are often compared to those from M.A.C. Cosmetics.  M.A.C. offers a great line of brushes, at a steeper price. Also, you get just as much quality for nearly half the cost when you go with the Sigma brand brushes. No matter what type you're shopping for.

When you're shopping for an affordable makeup brush, you can't go wrong with Sigma. Unlike E.L.F. Brushes, your Sigma brand brushes will hold up for a long time if you properly care for them. You won't lose bristles all over while you're trying to get ready for a night on the town or a long day at the office.

Finally, take great care in buying the right makeup from the right makeup brands. Ensure that you buy the perfect colors for your skin tone, eye color, and even fun colors that match your best outfits.

So why wouldn't you do a little research and find the right brushes to apply that makeup with? With Sigma you know you're acquiring hand-crafted excellence that will always get the job done.

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