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Slimming Neoprene Body Pants: AKA "Hot Pants," and How They Amp Up Your Weight Loss

Slimming neoprene body pants — you might know them as "hot pants" — have taken the fashion world by storm for women. Made from a variety of materials, including neoprene, microfiber, nylon, spandex, and other natural materials and fibers, these pants can help you to burn calories, enhance, sweat, and shape your body in the way that you desire. 

Read on to learn more about how these remarkable pants can help you to accelerate your weight loss journey while also giving you the ability to better shape your body the way that you want it shaped. You'll learn more about the various types of materials, the main benefits, and the types of women who should consider investing in a pair of body pants. Let's get started!

How Neoprene Body Pants Can Help You Lose Weight — And Feel Great Doing It

One of the most surprising statistics when it comes to "hot pants" is that they can help you to burn up to 13% more calories after you work through some vigorous exercise routines. Here's how they work: 

  • Hot pants force you to sweat more. By sweating more, you're going to improve your weight loss efficiency. 
  • In fact, the Chelsea School at Brighton University in England conducted a study that found this to be an effective way of reducing weight (although no peer-reviewed journal has published this study — keep that in mind). 
  • Hot pants also look great, so you can feel confident while you exercise. The psychological benefits here may cause you to keep working out rather than stopping after a certain amount of time, thereby leading to a more effective workout and seeing more of a result after you complete your workout. 

The Science Behind Neoprene

The most commonly found use of neoprene is in the design and production of dry suits. The compound comes from a family of synthetic rubbers than can be sold in either solid or latex form. They're also found on laptop sleeves, orthopedic braces, electrical insulation, and automotive parts, including fan belts.

DuPont scientists originally invented neoprene on April 17, 1930. The company then began to commercialize the invention under the trade name of DuPrene. Over time, the material steadily gained value in the economy, and better marketing pushed it into a variety of applications, including the body pants and weight-trimming products you'll find out more about below.

Exactly How Do Body Pants Work, Anyway?

It's not too complicated. Basically, slimming body pants force certain parts of your body (in this case, your upper legs) to receive a significant amount of heat. This heat causes you to sweat, which can then shed excess water weight.

Scientists have already studied this physiological process and can explain how it works. Here's what happens when you wear hot pants: 

  1. In a process known as perspiration, the area affected by the pants begins to heat up and the body reacts. This process — also known as sweating — causes the sweat glands to secrete fluids.
  2. Your brain's hypothalamus immediately goes to work to cool down the affected area. The neurons that control this reaction are known as thermosensitive neurons.
  3. In an ideal world, your body attempts to use a process known as evaporative cooling to cool the affected area of skin. However, since you’re wearing neoprene body pants, your body may not be able to efficiently cool the area, leading to both prolonged heat and sweat without evaporation.
  4. Keep in mind that the composition of sweat does not only include water. It also contains around 1% of solute. As such, the sodium concentration can cause you to lose additional weight beyond just water (though in relatively small amounts).
  5. Scientists have also found trace amounts of various types of minerals, lactic acid, and urea in sweat. The agreed-upon concentrations of these additional components read as follows:
    • Sodium: 0.9 gram / liter.
    • Potassium: 0.2 g / liter.
    • Calcium: 0.015 g / liter.
    • Magnesium: 0.0013 g / liter.
    • Na+ Ions: Approximately 40 mm
    • Zinc: 0.4 mg / liter.
    • Copper: 0.3 mg / liter.
    • Iron: 1 mg / liter.
    • Chromium: 0.1 mg / liter.
    • Nickel: 0.05 mg / liter.
    • Lead: 0.05 mg / liter.

Here are a Few Health Issues You Might Want to Consider Before Purchasing Body Pants for Weight Loss

Some individuals experience a sweating condition known as hyperhidrosis. This condition can cause the body’s sweat mechanism to become overactive – so much so that it can sweat as much as 5 times as the average.  While this condition is not considered pathological, it may cause you to sweat significantly more than the average person while you’re wearing body pants.

Another type of issue you may want to consider when determining whether hot pants are right for your workout is a condition known as sweat allergy. The sweating itself is not the actual source of the allergy. When sweat builds up on the skin – especially so in the case of wearing clothing that specifically prevents evaporation of the fluid – bacteria on the skin will begin to secrete a protein that can induce the allergic reaction.

More Information on Sweat Allergy — And How to Avoid it When Working Out in Hot Pants

Sweat allergy takes its name from the exacerbation of atopic dermatitis that comes with the production of sweat. The most visible symptom is the reddish wheals that often become visible as a result of increased surface temperature on the skin and the accompanying sweat. This problem can affect individuals of all ages, including young and old people. The sweating can then trigger an intense itching response or cholinergic urticaria.

A protein known as MGL_1304 appears on the skin. Microbiota including Malassezia globose act as a histamine or antigen in this situation, and the condition can only be resolved through the use of desensitization of individuals’ own sweat samples.

If you believe you are affected by this condition, you’ll want to consult with your doctor prior to making use of any slimming clothing products, including hot pants and waist trainers. Keep in mind that these products will encourage you to sweat, so it’s in your best interests to treat the underlying condition prior to working out while wearing these products.

The Scoop on Women's Waist Trainers

A new type of design that has recently hit the market is the waist trainer approach to burning off calories. These products can cover the waist and abdomen as well as the lower back. They’re usually made of the same neoprene material discussed previously.

By forcing up 3 times as much sweat as normal in the affected area, waist trainers can cause you to speed up the calorie burning process while also supporting muscles and keeping them warm. Manufacturers have also made claims of preventing workout fatigue and some types of injuries by employing this clothing.

Vendors tend to emphasize the following benefits of women’s waist trainers:

  • They maximize caloric burn by causing additional burn off sweat and its associated components, including water and some types of minerals.
  • They can help you to shed excess water – especially important if you’re looking for fast results in the beginning of your workout regimen.
  • They can provide relief from muscle soreness experienced during out a workout and allow you to recuperate from an intense workout faster.
  • They can help you to shape your body and achieve the curve that you’re looking for. However, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right size for your needs.

Many different vendors are offering various versions of this product, so you’ll want to consider customer reviews and the reliability of the company in question. You should avoid products that are not made of neoprene, as this specialized material (even used in the production of scuba suits) provides the ability to trap sweat and allow additional build-up and water shedding.

There are various designs of waist trainers on the market today, including weight loss belts and vests. The belts are more suitable for the pelvic region while the vest form can help you to achieve additional sweating and excess water loss in the abdominal area and back.

Have You Ever Heard About Sauna Pants?

Another type of product that’s recently hit the market is called “sauna pants.” These pants oftentimes incorporate a dial and thermostat to help you lose weight by applying heat to sore joints and tight muscles. Most manufacturers recommend wearing these products for at least an hour per day in order to see serious benefits. Other types of sauna pants do not incorporate a built-in heating system and instead function in the same way that the previous types of slimming products work.

Achieving Ultra Body Fitness with Slimming Neoprene Body Pants

If your end goal is to achieve ultra body fitness, then slimming neoprene body pants can help you achieve that all-important goal. Best of luck on your weight loss journey, and don’t forget to do your homework before you finally make your purchase!  


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