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Vegalash Reviews and Reasons to Buy

lady with great eyelashes

If you want your eyes to stand out it takes more than just the right eyeliner and the right eyeshadow combination to make them pop. Your eyelashes have a big part in making your eyes look great.

Not everyone is blessed with thick and long lashes and those that look like they were used systems like Vegalash to get those great lashes.

There are plenty of options out there when it comes to lash growth serums, but not all of them are the same. Some come with natural ingredients that help condition and care for your lashes, while others are filled with ingredients you can't even pronounce.

One thing that stands out about Vegalash, above these others, is that this serum is completely vegan. We talk about Vegalash reviews and our own review in this article.

  • About Vegalash and Vegamour

  • Vegamour is the parent company that created the Vegalash system. It's a system because you don't just have one application option. First, here is a little bit about the company and what they stand for.

    Vegamour, first of all, makes more than just lash serums. They have products that help with hair loss and thinning hair on your head, as well as serums for thicker and fuller eyebrows. They create serums that work to volumize your hair and does this through natural processes.

    Their company stands out because they use vegan and natural ingredients. Their products work even better than the hair regrowth serums you get through your doctor.

    By helping you naturally grow your lashes you won't need to spend extra money on other serums, or on mascara brands that just make your lashes clumpy and sticky.

    On top of all of that, they offer a risk-free chance to try it out. If it doesn't work for you they'll refund your money (that's more than some of the other companies offer).

  • What's in Vegalash?

  • First, what's not in Vegalash are hormones. It also contains no carcinogens and is made to be completely safe. They do not test on animals. Some eyelash growth serums cause lid and eye discoloration, but this one doesn't.

    The ingredients that work to help you grow longer and fuller eyelashes are red clover and mung bean.

    Red clover helps increase follicle fertility and mung bean works to strengthen your hairs connection to the follicle. Other ingredients that help your eyelashes grow better include biotin and zinc.

    If you read the ingredients, which are available directly on the companies website, you'll find many plant-based ingredients.

    Unlike some of the other serums you can research online, Vegalash shows all their ingredients. You aren't left wondering what else is in this product you plan to put on your skin and near your eyes. Why would you even bother to try something else?

  • How to Use Vegalash

  • Vegalash can give you results after 15 days of steady use, according to their information.  Regular use means using it twice a day every day. Use it once in the morning and once at night.

    Make sure that you wash your face before applying the serum. You need to put it on before you put your makeup on for the day. You can apply your makeup over it. Apply to upper and lower lash lines.

    At night, put your application on right after you clean your makeup off. Put it on before using any moisturizers. Vegalash even has a makeup remover that is oil-free that you can use if you want to stay with the same product line for your skin and eyelash care.

  • Vegalash Reviews Worth Believing

  • You can't always believe what a company says about their own products. Obviously, they want you to buy what they're offering, so whether their product works or not they will tell you it's amazing. Instead, take some time to figure out what other people are saying about the product before you buy it.

    Real people try products through Influenster, a review and sample site. It's a great place to look for varying reviews on products.

    As you'd expect, some people gave it five-stars all around, and other people didn't have any luck. But, it seems when it comes to Vegalash, those that love it really love it.

    For some, results have been noticeable within just a week. Even women that already have long lashes have enjoyed using this product because it kept them from losing lashes.

    If you want to try a product that is really going to work for you, you may just have to have some patience, and you want to invest in an eyelash care routine (they even have a mascara that keeps your lashes growing healthily, and doesn't clump them up), Vegalash is probably one of the best companies to look into.

    You can also check other Vegalash reviews available online.

    Consider upgrading and investing in thicker and more beautiful eyebrows as well, you can try Vegabrow. It's worth giving it a chance when they don't mind backing their products!



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